Ways you can support your child’s education during lockdown

As schools are still closed, many of us have had to become part-time teachers to support our child’s education during lockdown.

Since Boris Johnson’s speech, a little over a month ago, major changes have taken place in our lives that have affected our families.

Whilst this is proving to be a challenging job, I hope these practical solutions make it easier to educate our mini-me’s at home.

Here are some ways to support your child’s learning at home during lockdown.

Thinking of ideas

Top tips

  • Blast from the past! – Use your imagination to create brilliant ways to aid to your child’s learning. There are ways you can add this into your schedule by reading together, Oxford University Press have released E-books if your child’s reading journey has been disturbed by the current situation

Creating characters, games with numbers and letters, even completing household chores can also aid to their development.

Keep active, keep healthy, one of the most important elements of a child’s development is keeping active. The World Health Organisation advises that children are exercising for a minimum of an hour a day.

Here are some ways to keep your child active during these times.

  • Interactive games such as Hide and Seek and ‘It’ are very beneficial for your child and will improve social interaction not just with yourself but their peers as it relies on teamwork!

Keeping active

Keeping active

  • Online workouts are proving to be key during this period to those who may not have access to a garden. Straight from the living room, YouTube has been an invaluable resource, Joe ‘The Body Coach’ Wicks, has been providing daily PE lessons to families to keep fit and healthy.

Here is the link for lesson that is taking place tomorrow from 8:55am- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLxPLLr1oPk

  • TikTok can also be used a great tool for keeping kids active. An hour spent practicing famous dance routines with your own twist has never been more accessible during stressful times. Go and get your groove on!
  • Learn&grow together, BBC bitesize has been a great tool for parents scratching their heads for ideas, it’s simple layout makes it very easy to navigate and will ease the process for when it’s time to teach.

Online resources

As experts have had more time assessing the current situation, free online resources are available to make everything simpler.

A teacher educating a class

  • In response to the situation, Scholastic have provided home learning packs to support a child’s education outside of school.
  • Trust your instincts, adapt the guidelines to your child, a complicated schedule will create confusion for yourself during this time.
  • It is not compulsory to follow a school’s daily timetable. Work around what works for yourself and your child’s best interest. The Department of Education says to ‘not worry about trying to maintain a full routine for your child like they had at school. But children will feel more comfortable and learn better with a predictable routine to the day’. Fear not, you are not alone, teachers have been working extremely hard over the last month to support at home.
  • Google classroom is a service that is being used by teachers to set work, communicate with pupils and create ‘live’ lessons.
  • If you feel like a one-on-one setting is more suitable for your child, Explore learning are offering a free trial for their services, they tailor their programme to the needs of your child and provide unlimited resources with a personal qualified tutor from their ranks. A full membership can be obtained after the free trial through online consultation.

Social media

Apps that you can use to access online resources to educate your child d

Social media is revealing to be useful to children’s education during lockdown.

Facebook groups are ever so popular and groups have been dedicated to home-learning during isolation.

Happy self-isolating.

Most importantly, keep vigilant, stay safe.

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