What is CBD and where can you find it in Kent ?

Cannabidiol has seen a dramatic rise in popularity over the last few years, due to it being found in virtually everything promoting health and healing.

This is why it is not surprising that Kent has become the latest town to join the growing multimillion pound industry.

Kent opened it’s first dedicated to selling Cannabidiol shop, “CBD star” in 2018. According to the shops operations director, the biggest concern amongst customers was:

‘Is this going to get me high?’, ‘is it illegal?’ Three years on, the shop has remained popular in Kent with customers giving the store a 4.2/5 rating.

Society has been divided on the effectiveness of this cannabis infused drug. This is due to many claiming the product to be a healing remedy and others suggesting that it is a placebo. Meanwhile, Cannabidiol has still managed to dominate the UK health industry.

According to health blogger Paul McDonald: “CBD sales statistics show a sharp spike in demand for Cannabidiol from UK consumers in the last few years. This demand has translated into significant CBD industry growth in the UK.

“Multiple signs suggest the demand is only set to increase in years to come.”

Therefore, with 8-11% of adults in the UK now using Cannabidiol, it appears that Kent has joined this industry at the right time, as with Kent having a population of 1.85 million, and the number of CBD users in the UK set to rise, it suggests that this industry is set to boom.

What is CBD ?

Cannabidiol which is more popularly known as CBD, is one of the essential components used during the creation of medical marijuana.

This ‘drug’ which has been legalised in the UK – but only if it contains no traces of THC – has been used as a healing agent due to this drug claiming to help with:

  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Acne

Despite Cannabidiol being legalised in the UK it has still not been legalised in other countries like: Austria, Canada and Bulgaria.

Where can it be found in Kent ?

Cannabidiol can be found in a number of specialist stores in Kent such as: CBD Star, Kent CBD, and CBD health choices.

CBD Star:

Kent CBD ltd

CBD health choices

Benefits of CBD:

Despite Cannabidiol being a very controversial drug, there has been many health benefits associated with it. Some of these include:

  • Depression and Anxiety

Cannabidiol has been linked to improving moods. Therefore, for those suffering with depression or anxiety, health experts have claimed that this could help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.

  • Epilepsy

According to Medical news today , Cannabidiol is meant to help those who suffer with Epilepsy as they said:

“The first CBD-based medication that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved was Epidiolex. Doctors prescribe Epidiolex to those who experience seizures due to Lennox-Gastrault or Dravet syndrome, which are rare types of epilepsy.”

  • Pain

With medial marijuana being associated with minimising pain, it appears that Cannabidiol also has similar properties. According to Healthline:

” Pre-clinical studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health are also looking at the role of cannabis in relieving symptoms caused by: Arthritis, chronic pain, MS pain, muscle pain, spinal cord industries.”


[Disclaimer: For more accurate/professional help regarding Cannabidiol please contact your doctor or a trained health professional]