What’s important to Canterbury post election

As we all know and can’t miss as it’s everywhere in the media, the snap general election occurred yesterday with Conservative staying at the top for the UK and Labour’s Rosie Duffield being re-elected for Canterbury. Duffield gathered 29,018 votes which is a 1,836 increase since the last election. The Conservative party in Canterbury got 27,182 votes.

Ballot Box vote

A lot of people blame the Labour leadership on students as Canterbury has a population of 40,000, with 20,000 from University of Kent, 18,000 at Canterbury Christ Church and 1,000 from University for the Creative Arts. One of Jeremy Corbyn’s many arguments seemed to be that Labour care more for students by claiming to ‘wipe off student debts’, bringing back maintenance grants and help those struggling with paying off the debt. 

There was a 75% vote turn out this year, with a large student influence in the area. But rather focusing on all the numbers and statistics the most important part of this is what changes will happen and what matters to the people, as everyone casts their votes to certain parties for a reason. In Rosie Duffield’s manifesto she states she has a large focus on the climate, poverty, brexit and public services. 

Canterbury high street
So I took to the streets of Canterbury to ask residents what is important to them and what they wanted to be changed post-election: