Why Brits need to prioritise their health this summer

With healthy living almost becoming a ‘trend’ during the pandemic health experts have growing concerns that there will be a decrease in the amount of people getting active this summer.

As with lockdown lifting on the 21st of June which is a part of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “4 month roadmap out of lockdown”, more non essential shops and activities will begin to open.

  • Night clubs
  • Weddings
  • Large gatherings
  • Restaurants

Despite this arguably being a positive due to many Brits not being able to step foot inside a restaurant since December last year, this ease in lockdown rules may potentially see Brits abandon their long walks and fitness gear, to enjoy their new found freedom.

Even though a large percentage of brits have been  getting active during lockdown, as according to Nuffield Health,

“Three quarters of Brits (76%) taking up at least one new form of exercise since lockdown began.”

As well as Instagram personalities like Lydia Dinga, who created her very own “step challenge” to encourage people to get fit, which saw her walk over half a million steps in 2020, the fear of brits over indulging in fancy restaurants and pub lunches still remains.


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Why Brits need to maintain their healthy habits:

Fitness trainer Israel, who has an instagram page dedicated to working out and keeping fit, has shared his thoughts on why maintaining the healthy habits that people gained during lockdown is important.

As with June the 21st of June approaching, he stated that:

“They should continue with the momentum as most people struggle to find the time to exercise, but lockdown helped them focus on their well-being.”

“I often find getting started is the hardest  part.”

“Once you start then you will have flow.”

Therefore with fitness trainer Israel suggesting that people should maintain the ‘momentum’ they built up during lockdown, it provides hope that fitness will remain an active part of people’s lives.

As with life beginning to return back to normal due to restaurants  and nonessential shops now being open, it appears that workers may still have enough time of their hands to work out at home.

This is because due to recent reports suggesting that there will be no return to office for millions of workers, it appears certain elements of lockdown will remain.

As according to an article written by reporter Asia Hadleigh from the Canterbury Hub,

“As May 17th approaches and lockdown restrictions lift, many work firms have decided to extend the working from home policy till at least June 21st.”

“43 out of 50 of the UK’s biggest firms, which cover 1.1 million people from retail to banking have chosen to keep workers in office only part time mostly for training and safety reasons.”

Fortunately this means that with firms extending the work from home scheme and Fitness trainers encouraging workers to stay active this summer, that the reality of Brits keeping fit is very achievable.

As with summer being a season that is often spent outside, workers can utilise their breaks to go for a walk, or get a quick 5 minute workout in, which means that the popularity surrounding health which begun during the first lockdown may continue to rise.

3 easy ways that people can keep fit this summer include:

1. Walking

Walking which proved popular during the first lockdown is arguably the easiest way to get your 20 minutes of your recommended daily exercise in. As with 10k steps being many peoples starting goal, going for a long walk in the sun can easily turn exercise into a mini day out.

2. Jogging

Alike walking, jogging has also become a popular mode of exercise with some people going on regular 5k runs. Even though this distance may appear daunting for some, a little goes a long way which means once you start jogging Brits should hopefully fall in love with the idea of exercise and keeping fit.

3. Five minute Chloe Ting workout

Finally Chloe Ting who was the internet sensation which made working out look cool during lockdown, is another way that Brits can get their exercise in this summer. As with her ‘Five min warm up routine” which has been viewed over 3.7 million times, being a form of exercise which can be complete in the comfort of your own home, there is no excuse why the whole of the UK can’t get active this summer.


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