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158 allegations against police for excessive force

By James Hind

Kent police upheld just 6 complaints of assaults against suspects in 2015-16 despite receiving over 150.

The Police have released figures showing how only 4% of excessive force allegations made by the public have been upheld. Over the two years, four misconduct meetings resulted in two officers being dismissed while 85 allegations were rejected.

Kent Police assault chart

Kent Police said: “Complaints made against the force are thoroughly investigated.

“The focus on each investigation would be to deal with any crime or misconduct but equally to allow officers to learn from their mistakes and develop professionally.

“False or malicious allegations may well be included among those complaints that were not upheld.

“It is possible the use of body-worn video cameras is a contributory factor, as officers can now record their interactions with members of the public making it easier for any allegations to be proved or disproved.

“In theory its use may also improve the conduct of officers and the public if they know they are being recorded.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 14.42.01.pngThe facts which were gained by a Freedom of Information request shows how most complaints from suspects are not upheld while only six were sustained over two years.

As a result of the 74 complaints received in 2015 to Kent Police, just one misconduct hearing went ahead. In 2016 two misconduct hearings and one misconduct meeting were held despite over 80 allegations against officers.