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Canterbury pensioner organises East End themed charity night for homeless.

By Caitlin Elliot

A Canterbury woman is single-handedly organising a Pie and Mash charity event in attempts to raise money for a Homeless charity.

Selfless charity organiser Ann Moneypenny


Grandmother of seven, Ann Moneypenny, Canterbury, is working to put together arrangements for a Pie and Mash night in aid of Catching Lives.

Mrs Moneypenny who is a regular charity do-gooder is hoping that the traditional East End cuisine will appeal to London natives who moved to and stayed in Canterbury in the 1950’s, and rake in cash for the cause.

Catching Lives work in and around Canterbury, where the level of homelessness is the highest in Kent, to protect and help the large homeless population, with their services becoming particularly needed in the recent bitter conditions.

Ann said: “It should be that we all help people down on their luck.  I hate seeing these people in the state they are in, and more should be done to help – this will be a small offering, but it is better than nothing and as the saying goes ‘every little helps'”

The Pie and Mash night will offer members of the public to come along and pay £6.50 for traditional East End pie and mash and will aim to raise around £6000 for Catching Lives.

The event will take place at The Kings Head pub in Wincheap on 4th February and will strive to raise funds to help Catching Lives in the work to support the city’s vulnerable and cold homeless residents.