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Canterbury’s fifth bubble tea shop opens, owner ‘not afraid’ of the competition

Major bubble tea chain T4 has opened a new store in Canterbury.

Fans of the trendy beverage flocked in huge crowds as the store opened its doors in the city centre.

The shop is the fifth of its kind in the city, but owner Bi Nguyen has no concerns.

“T4 is the leading franchise for a reason,” he says.

“I’m not really afraid of competition. I think it’s just natural — eventually, whoever comes through with the best place will eventually win.”

The shop made a grand entrance with a stylish opening ceremony, attracting tons of attention with a traditional Taiwanese dragon dance display.

When asked what sets T4 apart from other boba shops, Mr Nguyen described the chain’s high standards.

“The teas are made fresh and we don’t keep it more than four hours. So if it goes past four hours, we’ll change it over,” he explains.

“Everything is made with great detail and they took a lot of time to perfect the recipe.”

There is also a sixth bubble tea on its way to Canterbury, with Bubble Ci-tea set to open up in Whitefriars. No date has been set, with the company stating it is “coming soon”.

T4 is an international bubble tea brand, founded in Taiwan in 2004.

The new Canterbury shop has taken over the property that previously housed Paperchase at 21 High Street.