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CCCU have no plans to scrap unconditional offers

Canterbury Christ Church University say they have no intention of following in the footsteps of London university which has stopped making unconditional offers.

A number of students across the country who have received unconditional offers of a university place did not go on to achieve their expected grades.

Unconditional offers are given to almost a quarter of students and allow students to confirm an offer at their chosen place of study without meeting their A-level or BTEC predicted grades and University offer grades.

The rise in unconditional offers has been described as irresponsible by universities minister Sam Gyimah.

A BBC report earlier this month said that unconditional offers are used to get people through the door, something which only encourages a lack of effort in pre-university studies.

The announcement by St Mary’s University, Twickenham suggests a prompt in calls for other universities to follow in their footsteps.

CCCU university campus

CCCU however, seem to believe more in the positive and encouraging element of unconditional offers.

Jeanette Earl, Media relations manager at Canterbury Christ Church University said “Our admissions process for all programmes is thorough and rigorous, taking account of academic achievement and potential to succeed within a university environment.

“The University has a strong focus on supporting students, of all abilities and backgrounds, to gain an excellent education.

“The benefits of making an unconditional offer provides certainty for students at an early stage and it is the University’s expectation that applicants to Christ Church will continue to work hard and reach their academic potential in their A level or equivalent qualifications.”


Should universities continue to give out unconditional offers?
Yes- they fill students with confidence in their potential
No- all unconditional places do is demotivate students to achieve the grades on the course specification
It depends on the student
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