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CCCU sports teams raising money for charity with naked pictures

By Sonny Snelling

Canterbury Christ Church’s men’s football team are creating a naked calendar to raise money for charity.

The cold weather has not dampened the sports teams as they take part in a naked photo-shoot this evening for charity.

The C4 men’s team are hoping this will also promote a positive body image for many people.

Biba Chuta the Sports president said: “The main aim of the calendar is to raise money for charity.

“This year we will be raising for Diabetes UK. It is light hearted and a bit of fun as well as allowing people to be confident in their own bodies.”

Many people are getting involved with it including the Men’s/women’s hockey, pole fitness, athletics, men’s football and many more.

Kieran Topson who is part of the men’s football team said: “I believe it helps people to understand that sport  isn’t for just those ripped up people you see in the media.

“We’re all human and I think we can show that in this photo shoot with some wobbly bits hanging around.”

Kieran also commented on how the weather might effect the shoot.

“The weather shouldn’t be a problem, but we can always use it as an excuse if we’re underwhelming people.”

The Men’s football team will be doing their shoot tonight at 5pm at the sports centre.