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CCSU Varsity 2023: Why you should be excited

Whether you are a football defender or a quarter-back for american football, Canterbury Christ Church University’s Varsity should definitely appeal to you.

Varsity is a weeks worth of sporting events which see Canterbury Christ Church University go head to head with University of Kent.

But why is Varsity so good?

Here is what Christchurch Men’s Lacrosse President Reece O’Connor had to say:

“Varsity is unlike all other sporting events. Undoubtebly every single player will remember every minute of their game because of its amazing atmosphere through the unity of the different teams supporting each other and pushing for a Christ Church win.”

Within the University, there are a wide range of societies that are always looking to recruit new players for their team so there will always be something for you.

Cheerleading President Amelia Walkers says:

“It’s a great way for athletes to show off their talent and represent their university.”

“It promotes healthy rivalry and competition and brings students and athletes together, enabling teams to support and watch sports they wouldn’t normally see.”

So what can you expect from this years Varsity event?

American Football’s C4 Chargers kickstarted this years Varsity with their intense game against Kent’s Falcons.

After fighting hard, the bout ended with the Kent Falcon’s winning by 28-0 gaining 3 points on the scoring board.

Upcoming games are ranging from Athletics’ park run on Saturday 25th March to Cheerleading on Tuesday 28th March.

These games will take place all across Canterbury whether it be on the incredible Kent Sports Pavillion to Christ Church’s sports centre.

Canterbury Rugby Club will also be hosting the Rugby games, providing both drink and food to all viewers.

2023’s Varsity will then close on Wednesday 29th March with Women’s Lacrosse final game at the UKC Sports Pavillion

Photo Credit: Matthew Holmes