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Councillor furious over Canterbury subway graffiti problem

By Sonny Snelling

A local Liberal Democrat Councillor from Wincheap is disgusted at Canterbury council neglecting the subway graffiti issue.

Appearing at this week’s meeting of the Area Members Panel in the Guild Hall, Cllr Nick Eden – Green vented his frustration on the matter.

He said: “This is not going to leave my agenda. Kent County Council won’t remove it.

“There is no anti- graffiti paint in some of them.”

At the last meeting the Councillor asked for an update, but was ignored by the committee.

Cllr Eden-Green vented his anger at Canterbury’s Guild Hall.

Steve Williams Councillor for Barton agreed with Cllr Eden-Green.

He said: “We do need an answer. The subways are a big stain on the city. This keeps being kicked away.”

Cllr Eden-Green also commented on other issues with the underpasses.

He said: “They’re in the most diabolical state – flooded, litter, poorly lit and dirty.

“If we want to encourage people to walk and cycle it has to be a positive experience. It’s just not being sorted.”

Serco who have a contract with Canterbury council to clean graffiti and clear rubbish said:

“All the subways in Canterbury are owned by, and are the responsibility of, Kent County Council.

“We (Canterbury City Council) will remove offensive graffiti when reported to us.

“We also ensure they are litter picked on a regular, daily basis.”

Kent County Council (KCC) think Canterbury City Council have made cuts.

Kent County council said: “At the moment, we believe that although the maintenance of the subway structure is KCC’s responsibility, the cleaning is not. We also understand that Canterbury City Council formerly had a clean-up team, but has cut it to save money.”

There is much confusion as to who should deal with the subways. Both councils seem to shift the blame meaning the problems are left unresolved.

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