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Danny Baker Cancer Row over Millwall Move

Ex-journalist and comedian, Danny Baker, causes controversy with cancer comment over Millwall football club proposed move to Kent.

The recent I’m a Celebrity contestant has caused a stir on social media after he wished Lewisham council cancer for the proposed move of Millwall football club to Kent.

Baker, a lifelong Millwall fan and regular visitor to ‘The Den’ tweeted: “I hereby bring a hex down on Lewisham Council & Renewal their greasy vampiric partners. May you be ill. May you have cancer as I had cancer.”

Millwall have been residents to Lewisham since 1910, but may be force to move to the Kent county if Lewisham council go ahead with plans to purchase land around the clubs ground and sell them onto developers.

Millwall have since distanced themselves from Mr Bakers comments, a spokesperson for the club said: “Millwall Football Club does not wish to associate itself with the kind of sentiments expressed by Danny Baker.”

How Twitter reacted to Danny Baker’s comments: