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Four ways to stay safe in case of another Covid-19 outbreak

After the announcement of the new Arcturus variant of Covid-19, another outbreak could be in the future.

Although this may not happen, you can never be too safe!

So here is a list of things you can do to guarantee you are at least protecting yourself against Covid-19.

Number one:

Starting with one of the more common protection methods, wearing a mask is highly recommended when in enclosed spaces.

Due to the disease being highly contagious through airborne transmission, wearing a mask almost nullifies any chance of catching the disease, but the best option of face masks would be “respirator masks”.

These masks have much better filters, so there is a higher chance that any possible infected moisture or air will be stopped by these masks.

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Number two:

Maintaining social distancing is a great way to prevent catching Covid-19, you don’t need to fully distance yourself so that you’re far away from your friends, but having a arm length gap between you and your friends would be ideal.

Although you may have all tested negative, there is always a chance you are a carrier due to touching infected surfaces or having a faulty test, so it is always safe to maintain some sort of distance.

Some shops may still have signs up for the recommended distance you should stay away from others.

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Number three:

Using hand sanitiser is a great way to ensure you are not carrying any harmful germs or the disease itself.

We often touch many surfaces without ever realising as it just happens naturally, such as walls, hand rails and the windows on a bus.

By using hand sanitiser or disinfectant wipes, we can stay safe from accidentally giving ourselves the disease or others if we come into contact with them.

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Number four:

Keep an eye on the NHS covid app.

The NHS released an app that allows you to register whether or not you have a positive result.

If you are positive, then anyone who came near you with the app installed will be notified that they may have been near someone with Covid-19.

This app is the best way to ensure you are safe and keeping others safe in case of another mass outbreak.

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