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See local artist’s stunning paintings of places around Canterbury

Art can often be subjective, but most of us can agree that these emotive and mystical style pictures of places around Canterbury requires some serious skill and are undeniably admirable.

Local artist Richard Borle has been sharing his artwork on local facebook group the Canterbury Residents and has plenty of interaction and appreciation from group members.

He is now able to sell his artwork after many locals clearly want the opportunity to hang some of the wonderful paintings up in their homes.

Richard speaking on creating the mood for his paintings

  I love to create atmosphere with my paintings – I think its so important to balance dark and light.  Just black and white can create sadness but also cold, warmth and a cosy feeling.

The pictures are beautifully painted and feature some recognisable areas of Canterbury.

Richard Borle Art is the name of his website and his slogan is “A Kentish artist with a focus on the atmosphere created through light and dark.”

Here you can have a look through some of Richards eye-catching paintings that are shared on the Canterbury Residents group:


Richard also hopes some of his paintings are thought provoking.

He also joked that he does ”live a happy life” in regards to the black and white theme.

More of these can be found on the Canterbury Residents group and the paintings are available to purchase on