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How to impress a Coeliac at Christmas

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Going ‘Gluten Free’ has almost become a trend for some to try and lose weight, but for those with Coeliac disease it can be an uphill struggle when visiting new places, friends and family. Here’s how you can help out your loved ones this festive season: 

Recipes for starters:


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Blinis are quick and easy and can have any topping, not just salmon! For a vegetarian option, try these beetroot and garlic mushroom blinis.

French onion soup 



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Soup is always good when you’re having a dinner party; leave it in a slow cooker on a low heat until you’re ready to add the toast and cheese to be baked.

Recipes for the main trimmings: 


Cauliflower cheese

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Not everyone has cauliflower cheese on their table at Christmas, some have cheesey leeks – either way a Coeliac is going to need a gluten free cheese sauce!



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If you’re short on time on the big day, Tesco have very kindly created a gluten and wheat free sage and onion stuffing.


Yorkshire puddings 

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Yorkies are probably the best part of a Christmas dinner, right? If you just can’t get enough of Yorkshire puddings, try this dessert recipe. 

Pigs in blankets 

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Or is the best part ‘pigs in blankets’…


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Unfortunately the good old traditional Bisto isn’t Coeliac friendly, so this recipe will have to curb that craving.

Recipes for puddings: 


Black forest roulade 


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Not everyone likes the traditional festive puddings, a black forest roulade should hit the spot for those who don’t like dried fruit.

Mince pies 


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Pastry is probably the one thing most Coeliacs crave, so having gluten free mince pies around the house during the season will score you top marks.

Christmas pudding 


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Last of all the Christmas pudding. Traditionally, Christmas pudding has self-raising flour in it, which is a nono for Coeliacs.