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Kent residents evacuated over flood fears

By Alicia Lloyd

Flood warnings have been issued across England and Wales, including coastal areas in Kent.

One of the major warnings have been issued are for those along Pengwell Bay to Deal.

Flood information from GOV.UK states: “Tide levels along the East Kent coast are expected to be high for both high tides today. Spring tides combined with positive surges and Force 7 north westerly gales are raising the risk of some coastal flooding.”

Essex has been affected more heavily

There are more warnings and server worries towards Essex where many residents have been evacuated overnight.

The Army has even been issued to help with the immediate evacuation of the east coast areas.

Here’s how you can prepare for the flooding:

  1. Contact you local council on where you can get sandbags, some hardware stores may have some to supply for you.
  2. Get in touch with the National Flood Forum (find out phone charges HERE)
  3. Ring someone form Floodline on this number: 0345 988 1188 – a 24 hour service
One of the main places at risk is Deal

You can find out if you have been issued a flood warning on GOV.UK by typing in your postcode HERE.

The website is updated every 15 minuets to keep up to date with the absolute latest keep checking for your own safety.

The overall flood warnings across England and Wales