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Kent’s gearing up for the King’s Coronation weekend

Kent’s residents are getting ready to celebrate this weekend ahead of the King’s Coronation.

The Coronation service is taking place tomorrow, Saturday, May 6, at 11am in Westminster Abbey.

Tomorrow the service will be lead by the Archbishop of Canterbury where he will anoint and crown the King.

On the Archbishops website it states the Coronation is a historic moment for the nation which presents an opportunity to gather together and establish new relationships.

It states there are many ways that churches and Christians can get involved, from church services, to volunteering initiatives and community events.

Canterbury Cathedral will be celebrating and allowing free entry to the Cathedral Nave where the public will be able to watch the Coronation live.

On Sunday, the Cathedral will be hosting a National Big Coronation Lunch where the public will be able to join the Archbishop after for ‘Reflections of the Coronation: In Conversation with the Archbishop of Canterbury.’

This will be a conversation with the Archbishop where he will share his experiences and his thoughts on crowning the King.

Kent are also involved with the King’s Coronation after Kent Police announced that one of Kent’s most dedicated public service volunteer had been nominated as a Coronation Champion for his contribution to his local community.

Peter Rolington, a retired accountant, was invited to the celebrations on Wednesday, May 3 at Buckingham Palace.

Peter Rolington – Image sourced from Kent Police

He was a volunteer for both Crimestoppers and Neighbourhood Watch and also created the Kent’s e-watch newsletter.

Mr Rolington told Kent Police: “It is an honour to be nominated as a Coronation Champion. I don’t do any of it for recognition but because I feel that giving back to the community is the right thing to do.

“Not having worked in policing prior to volunteering, I am thrilled to be supporting officers and potentially making a difference to keeping people safe.”

Alongside Kent’s direct involvement with the King’s Coronation, there are a variety of events taking place across the county.

Leeds Castle are hosting a party which includes live music, classic garden games and workshops for children to get involved.

There are other events such as a Coronation party at Chiddington Castle, Treasure hunts in Riverhill Himalayan Gardens and Coronation crafts at Penshurt Place and Gardens.

Across Kent, people are hosting street parties for the local community to get involved and celebrate the day.

Medway are an example of one area which will be holding street parties this weekend with a Big Lunch as well as a Coronation Concert, stilt walkers and a funfair.

There are a variety of ways the residents of Kent are celebrating this historic moment this weekend.