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Kent’s reaction to the new Snapchat AI

The new AI, which is Snapchat’s latest feature, gives you the chance to chat to a robot about anything.

The purpose of the new feature is to an experimental, friendly, “chatbot” which can perform tasks such as answering questions and offering advice.

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However, AI is creeping a lot of users out and making people feel uncomfortable.

Imogen Templeman from Kent shared her views after having a conversation with AI.

“It knew my location without me telling where I was, it has really freaked me out to be honest, I’ve also seen a lot of similar situations when I looked up the new feature online”

Many people have come to TikTok as well slamming the new feature.

One person said: “So creepy, you cant delete it”

Another person said: “This is a bit concerning. The Snapchat AI has explaining to do.”

TikTok has gone mad for people sharing their experiences with the robot and many are starting to feel snap chat may not be safe.

If you haven’t already accepted AI on snap chat people are urging that you don’t as its making users delete the app as feeling unsafe.

The only way to get rid of Al is to pay £3.99 for Snap chat premium.

We have contacted snap chat about the new AI feature.

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