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Opinion: We need to encourage more healthy eating

Football legend Ian Wright appearing in Gillingham to help promote healthy eating is a good boost for the area.

Healthy eating is something that many people would like to get into, but not all do.

With 68% of adults around Medway living under obese or overweight circumstances, it is clear that obesity is a global problem that needs to be tackled.

In light of this, M&S’ Eat Well Play Well campaign has risen.

M&S Food has partnered with Ian Wright and Panini Stickers to promote healthy eating to the nation.


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M&S Eat Well Play Well campaign aims to help improve healthy eating, and with the presence of Wright, reaches out to a broader audience.

They state that each product is backed by the British Nutrition Foundation, so you can be sure that each product you consume is as nutritious as they say it is.

People can buy in confidence, as each item with the Eat Well Play Well sticker signifies that the item has met evidence-based criteria developed by nutritionists.

Initial thoughts of M&S can range from being ‘posh’ or ‘over-priced’, however this new campaign allows the public to re-evaluate their opinions and choices surrounding the stores’ food.

(Image credit: Leonie Wise, Unsplash)

With football being arguably one of the most popular sports in the UK, that brings people together as one, the promotion is able to act as a call to the nation.

Many look up to football players such as Jude Bellingham or Kalvin Phillips, who are both ambassadors of M&S’ Eat Well Play Well campaign.

It is good to see the involvement of these players, for them to showcase the importance of healthy eating and inspire fans to be like them.

In a report from M&S Plate of the Nation, a percentage of parents had said that their children were more likely to eat fruit and veg if they thought their favourite players ate them.

This further shows the impact that these players have on people’s everyday lives, providing strong support to the campaign.

(Image credit: Mario Klassen, Unsplash)

With Euro 2024 over the horizon, people will soon be able to see their favourite players take to the pitch and showcase their skills.

Panini Stickers involvement almost acts a reward, with a free packet of stickers included in purchases over £20.

This will encourage parents to also purchase healthier food, knowing that their children will be getting something in return.

Furthermore, M&S using football and it’s athletes as a bridge to promote healthy eating is a key strategy because when a familiar name is involved with a brand, people are more than likely to buy into that product.

Overall, this is exactly what this nation needs to steer us into the direction of becoming a happier and healthier community.

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