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Neighbourhood take a stand against anti-social behaviour in park

A neighbourhood watch scheme has been set up in West Hill to take a stand against antisocial behaviour surrounding drunken youths in Wilmot Park, Dartford.

Following these reports, families have been left worried about the safety of the area due to what is seen as an increase in antisocial behaviour.

Garry Turner and Erica Semerdzhiev, members of the neighbourhood watch scheme, went around the area to see the interest, inviting over 3,200 residents to join the group.

Resident Kaci, 20 told me about their experience:

“I always see youngsters doing drugs in the early hours and they make a lot of noise, it smells, and it is slowly ruining our beloved community.”

Furthermore, resident Erin, 20, expressed her opinion on this behaviour:

“When going there, I would see alcohol bottles and trash left all over the floor, which isn’t good for the environment.”

However, the antisocial behaviour has been brought to the attention of the Dartford council community safety unit who have told me they have passed information onto the police who are now involved and are set to make frequent visits to the park.

Leader of the council Jeremy Kite says: “The three local councillors have made a very strong case for the Wilmot Road play space and it’s clear for them just how popular it is.”

“Dartford Borough Council has been busy improving play spaces right across the borough. We’ve invested £1.5million so far to bring them up to date and make sure they’re fully accessible” Mr Kite added.

With the group formed, Mr Turner hopes for a major improvement in keeping the area safe.

Photo credit: Brian Yurasits Unsplash