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Thanet remaining the most deprived area in Kent

On the 21st of March, 2024, released a document on children in poverty that presented us with the fact that 18.1% of children in the UK were reported to be in “absolute low-income families” between 2022 and 2023.

This marked Thanet as having the highest percentage of children defined as “living in poverty” in the entirety of Kent for nearly eight years consecutively, and painted a picture that deprivation was still an issue.

Low-income families are families of which earn less than 60% of the median income before housing costs in the UK, meaning they earn around £19,000 a year, putting them below minimum wage.

Such a high number of children living in such qualities is what earned Thanet the label of a resource depraved district, with so many families not earning the minimum wage.

Not much different to the statistics on Deprivation in Kent from 2019, Thanet is the “most deprived local authority in Kent”, although this statistic sheet was released 5 years ago, this remains a pattern that has stayed true for a long while, as the incomes for these families have not changed in the years since.

It is important to note that a town, district or county being classed as “deprived” means they lack the qualities needed for pleasant life, such as enough money, food or good enough living conditions.

Thanet’s net budget is estimated to be £22.752 million, which needs to cover many local expenses, such as planning services, and housing services which are all needed to keep people housed and in liveable conditions.

And this is how the budget is said to be spent in thousands, with a clear decrease on housing revenue for councils own tenants.


The most recent data from on unemployment even states that South Thanet has the highest rate of unemployment within Kent, with the unemployment rate for 18-24 year olds being 10%, this data was released in March of this year.

One document from in 2018 even states that Thanet has a “statistically higher crime and unemployment rate than the England average.”

2018 Thanet District Headline facts- have a statistic spread that’s much more recent, and the towns that have the highest crime rate in Kent tend to be Thanet based, with Herne Bay having 2,240 crimes, Margate having 7,515 crimes and Ramsgate having 5,345 crimes all in 2023.

This put them among the worst towns in Kent, a pattern following from 5 years prior with crime rate being statistically higher.

Back in 2010, Margate Central ward, a ward located in Thanet, ranked as the most deprived ward within Kent, Thanet also had the most amount of wards that are ranked within the 20% most deprived in Kent.

A total of 13 of Thanet’s wards, (57% of all Thanet wards) are ranked within the 20% most deprived in Kent.-KCC

Overall, looking back on the past two decades a pattern can be noticed in that Thanet is suffering from a deprivation issue that seems deep rooted, with museums not getting requested funding, and Thanet being marked as an “unemployment blackspot”.However, there are some concerns around funding.

The museum rents the building and needs funding to maintain the exhibits and keep it open to the public. Johnny said they have contacted the council and asked for some support but feel it is a bit of ‘a dice roll.’- Step inside Ramsgate’s This Museum Is (NOT) Obsolete

Mainly stemming from a lack of funding, but also can be attributed to a lack of self sense of worth.

According to back in 2022, “Thanet’s mental health needs, like those of Medway, have always been statistically higher due, in main, to a number of poverty related health inequalities.

“Statistics relating to substance abuse, psychosis/schizophrenia, severe and enduring mental health problems, personality and eating disorders and children’s mental health issues have historically been higher in Thanet.

“Without doubt local services are struggling; substance misuse referrals have increased as have referrals to primary and secondary mental health services, and even more importantly to children and adolescent services.”

Thanet also is the lowest in terms of literacy development according to Kelsi’s education statistics, and were in the “amber level”, only being followed by Canterbury, Gravesham and Swale.

Kent Education Statistics-2023-

Thanet has remained in the red in terms of economic development for years with no sign of improving so far, but with local charities and organisations aiming to bring in more money and supporting the youth who are displaced, there may be more faith in the future.

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