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UK pet abandonment has gone up 25% since last year

The Isle of Thanet is one of Kents most popular places for dogs walkers – proving Kent is becoming an ever-growing hotspot for being animal and dog friendly. However we have recently found out that across the country we are seeing massive drops in households owning pets as it has dropped by 1.2 million this year.

The RSPCA has found a 25% increase in people having to either leave their pets at a re-homing centre of in some circumstances end up abandoning them.


A report this year has also found that one in 10 people are thinking of giving up their pets due to current cost-of-living pressures and many owners are allegedly putting off vet visits meaning animals are unable to receive the correct care.

People cannot physically afford caring for pets during these challenging times.

It is also a shared belief that not many were educated on animals, their care and costs before deciding to get a pet.

For animals that sadly aren’t re-homed end up being euthanised – its usually last resort but sometimes rehoming can be impossible due to condition or behaviour therefore this is the unfortunate outcome.

Freedom of information request showed that 44 strays have been put down across the county after being taken in homeless by councils since 2018.

Around 75% of  all euthanised stray dogs in Kent have come from Tonbridge & Malling, Maidstone and Gravesham.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Cats at the RSPCA

Kent animal charities, shelters and vets are working to help owners and animals in need in the mist of the cost-of-living crisis.

They’re offering things like free microchipping services which are becoming increasingly available to people in the area.

Free vaccination, neutering and spading is also being offered.

We are also seeing access to pet food banks, exclusively for pet owners to collect free food and essential resources for their Animals.

These are in various places including at the Dogs Trust rehoming Centre.

There is also Pet Room Food Bank who are also working with the Margate Food Bank and the RSPCA Canterbury branch are doing pop up food bank events and offer support to any pet owners in need of supplies.

Food bank form Dogs Trust

The effects of lockdown has plummeted us into a cost-of-living crisis and with many of us getting pets during the time of isolation, it has now become unmanageable for many with soaring expenses and not enough time due to working longer hours.

We are seeing more people and households having to make huge financial sacrifices leading to possible further emotional strain, many people do not want to give up their pets but it is seeming the only option in many cases.


However the growing access to support in the area is promising for pet owners and households who have animal needs. The charities and rehoming centres are also always trying to find abandoned or homeless pets a loving home or owner and ensure households are able to meet the animals needs and provide for them efficiently before rehoming.

The trustworthy and extremely supportive groups who are ensuring Kent’s pets are as well fed and as safe as possible are leading us with hope in this crisis.