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UKC student opens up about exam stress

20-year-old student, Jacob Gower, has opened up about how university workloads are affecting his life.

Exam and work stress is an incredibly difficult and relevant topic that is ever increasingly affecting students both in university and college.

He said: “It’s hard to balance the lectures that I already have and the work that they set as well as the exams that I have at the end of the term”

According to YouGov, there has been a steady annual increase of students reporting stress and anxiety regarding deadlines of around 2% in the UK in general.

Canterbury Christ Church University has been working on a twitter hash tag known as “StressLess” which offers help to those suffering from anxiety regarding work and upcoming exams.

When asked how the work was affecting him mentally with his day to day life, Mr. Gower said: “I skipped out of lectures this morning because I had a breakdown because I just thought of the amount of coursework I have to do”

Measures have been taken by the government earlier this year to push universities to give students more access to councillors.

All universities across the country have their own way of dealing with student exam stress and there is plenty of helpful information to help you get through this tough time.



“I don’t feel like I’m doing it alone, there are always support groups and outreach programs that help us out”