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5 things supermarket staff want you to know during the lockdown

We all know how difficult it is to adjust to the Coronavirus lockdown, with new rules put in place it can almost feel as if our world’s have turned a little upside down. So here are our top 5 ways to make your shopping experience a bit easier to understand.


 1. There is plenty of stock, you don’t need to panic buy

Credit: Oleg Magni

We all know how difficult it was to find daily essentials at the beginning of the lockdown, necessities such as toilet roll, bread and any tinned foods were almost impossible to locate. Now that people are settling into the new routine many supermarkets have been able to life the consumption limits on most products but this doesn’t mean you have to stock up. Supermarkets have taken in larger deliveries and stock piled all essentials in the store rooms/warehouses at the back of the shop incase a Nationwide shortage does happen, so you don’t need to buy 50 toilet rolls or fill the freezer full of bread, preparations are in place to make sure everyone has what they need.


2. There are designated slots for the elderly, vulnerable and NHS workers

Credit: Now This News

While we aren’t completely certain on what makes you more vulnerable to the affects of Coronavirus we do know that the elderly and people with underlying health conditions are most at risk. By allowing the most vulnerable customers to shop first we are doing our bit to  decrease the rate of deaths and to help curb the impact of the deadly virus. Don’t fret, there is plenty of time for you to pick up your essentials and you won’t be missing out!


3. It isn’t our fault you have to Queue


Waiting in line for a supermarket is something that is alien to us all but has now become a customary part of our weekly shop. Just remember these are national rules put in place by the government and isn’t something that your local supermarket cashier is responsible for. While we are asked to stay at home and watch television, thousands of heroic supermarket staff are putting themselves and their families at risk so that we can get everything we need to continue life as normally as we can. What can you do? A simple ‘thank you’ will go a long way, after all an extra 20 minutes in the sunshine isn’t the end of the world.


 4. Use a non-contact payment method

‘How to use Apple Pay’  Credit: Tech Insider

Social distancing measures are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to coronavirus precautions, supermarkets are now calling out for all shoppers to use contactless payments. If you have a smartphone you can pay without touching the machine with ‘Apple Pay’, ‘Samsung Pay’ or ‘Google Pay’ or if you have a contactless option on your bankcard, opt for this rather then entering your pin manually. On the plus, they have upped the limit to £45 in most supermarkets. If you don’t have access to these payment options a pair of gloves and a tub of hand sanitiser can be your new best friend.


5. Organise your shopping list

Credit: Suzy Hazelwood

If you know the shop like the back of your hand try and organise your shopping list by isle. With most of the supermarket giants putting arrows on the floor, there is nothing worse then forgetting something from the other side of the store and having to awkwardly zigzag past angry shoppers. A quick and easy shop is the best way to stay healthy, coming into contact with more people could lead to you contracting the virus so make sure you don’t have any avoidable mishaps in the isle!