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The 10 best things to bake during lockdown

As most of us know there is only so much spring cleaning and tv you can watch whilst stuck inside. Therefore, if you have shaved off all your hair or given yourself bangs, it might be time to put the scissors away and pick up the spoon. It’s the 10 best things to bake during lockdown!

Classic Cheesy Scones

These are the perfect thing for a windy afternoon with a mug of tea. As we heading into a week of bad weather, all you need is some milk, cheese, flour and butter to make these scrumptious scones.

Hot Cross Buns

Easter isn’t quite over yet. If you didn’t get out to the shops to be able to get your fix for hot cross buns, then sure enough you can bake them! Using up all the dried fruit ingredients sitting in your cupboard, these are very easy to make. Top tip, don’t over work them!

Credit – Jasmine Waheed

Greggs Steak Bake

If you are missing your beloved Greggs on your lunch breaks or the naughty treat for the commute home, then don’t fear as they have launched the GreggsItYourself campaign and shared their recipes so you can bake them at home. The best thing about this recipe is that if you use vegan alternates you can easily make it a Vegan Steak Bake.

 Nutella Cookies

A tried and tested recipe here at The Canterbury Hub. Using the most basic ingredients, make sure to freeze your Nutella into balls before you start baking, so they make for the gooiest chocolate middle. Top Tip! Pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds after one or two days to make them all warm again.

Credit – Honey Yanibel Minaya

Chocolate Brownies

If you are looking to use up all that Easter chocolate, then choc brownies is the best way to go! You can use virtually any chocolate and add fruit and nuts to them as well. Loved by every age, these are the one! Also don’t forget if you can’t get chocolate baking powder, use hot chocolate powder, just don’t put in as much sugar as it is very sweet already!

Cheese and Pesto Wheels

For a deluxe savoury snack, these will fix any craving you have! This veggie bake is amazing and despite the recipe requiring cheddar and mozzarella, you can easily substitute any other cheese or vegan cheese that you fancy.

Credit – Amirali Mirhashemian


If you are stuck at home with the kids and have had enough of trying to home-school them and get your head around fractions. Then why not teach them to bake flapjacks? Very easy and versatile, as long as you have oats and syrup this is for a creative weekday morning snack!

Perfect your bread making

Being stuck at home means you have got plenty of time on your hands! So if you want to learn how to make a loaf of bread, now is the time to start. Make sure you leave the bread and don’t overwork the dough, also don’t forget proving is everything.

Unicorn Cupcakes

If you have a little one, or even a big one whose birthday is taking place during lockdown. This is the best creative afternoon you will have in lockdown yet! Making unicorn cupcakes will sure bring the smiles to everyone.

The infamous banana loaf

Of course we had to include the classic and loved banana loaf. Whilst everyone has been seen to be giving this a go, it is the best recipe to use up any old bananas you have lying around. Top Tip: the lower temperature and longer you bake it, the better the result.

Feature Image Credit – Brooke Lark