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5 Ways for students to stay warm this winter

We’ve all been there, cold hands, shivering and ready to put on our woolly hats but with temperatures plummeting and the cost of heating draining our bank accounts students are finding it hard to make ends meet. Here’s 10 ways to stay warm without breaking the bank.


1: Keep Active-


Going for a run increases your heartrate sending blood pumping around your body, keep the circulation going! Indoor exercises such as sit ups or squats can help you fight the cold from the comfort of your room.

Fitness videos can be found online so you won’t even have to fork out for a gym membership this winter, just 20-30 minutes of exercise a day will not only keep you warm, but make sure you stay healthy too!

2: Wrap Up-

Layers are your best friend. We’ve all got a jumper in the back of the cupboard, double up on socks to add an extra barrier against the cold. Fabrics such as wool and fleece give added protection against the icy winds and it’s proven that three smaller layers are more affective than one!

3: Warm drinks-

A hot chocolate before bed will help you sleep despite the blistering cold outside your window and with deals on hot drinks in time for winter you can pick up 80 tea bags for only £2 at ASDA! Tea and Coffee not only give you a boost in energy but warm you from the inside out.

4: Switch between hot and cold in the shower-

Warm water can be an instant relief to the chilly outdoors but exposing yourself to the cold every so often can increase blood flow to your skin, improve the bodies circulation and make you warmer for longer.

5: Don’t eat out!

Not only will you be saving the pounds on food, but you will indirectly be warming up your home by cooking. Once you’re done using the oven, leave it open a crack so the warm air can be reused and seep into the house. Slow cookers make great home cooked meals without the effort, if you have one at hand there are plenty of recipes such as stew and casserole you can make in minutes.