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AA warns of increased traffic on roads in lead up to Christmas

The big day is nearly upon us as Christmas day is only 9 days away, but as the festive day creeps closer and closer the question is now, how are we getting home this Christmas time?

The AA has once again released their Christmas travel predictions to how the roads are going to be travelled on this year amidst all the strikes that are happening on the trains

Today the rail strikes continue and along with that the AA predict that 48% of the population will be travelling with an estimation of over 15,000 cars being on the roads today, on Sunday the 18th of December there are set to be fewer cars on the roads with an estimate of 12 million people set to be driving on the roads and 39% of people expected to be travelling on that day. How about the days leading up to Christmas and on the big day itself? On Christmas eve an estimate of over 16 million cars expected to be on the road and 50% of the population set to be travelling and on the big day itself an estimate of over 14 million cars are set to be on the road and 44% of the population is set to be travelling.

Talking about the strikes the president of the AA Edmund King said “While the 23rd December and Christmas Eve looks set to be the busiest day travelling days,planned industrial¬† actions by rail service staff may lead to increased levels of cars on our roads.”

He later said New Years Day will be the quietest day on the roads which is probably a good thing”

There may be rail strikes this year but with or without the trains many people will be making their way way home for christmas


Picture courtesy of nikoretro (flikr)