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Animal rights group offering educational help

One of the UK’s largest animal rights groups situated in Kent is offering some of its educational resources for free amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Animal Aid, an organisation based in Tonbridge who also carry out undercover investigations to end animal cruelty, are currently providing parents with primary-school children free access to their resource, AnimalKind.

The service, which features online lesson plans and films hosted by volunteers including BBC presenter Michaela Strachan, will give pupils the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the animal kingdom whilst currently being homeschooled.

The resources are all online for primary-school children. Video: Animal Aid

Diane Smith is the school speaker training officer for Animal Aid, and she believes the resources will offer children a host of worthwhile benefits.

She said: “I think the attractive thing with this project is that parents know that children love animals and it’s a subject that they readily respond to – this means they’ll be enthusiastic about getting stuck in.

“The four lesson plans are easy to follow and don’t need any special resources, whilst the film is also really engaging and it is in bite-sized sections with discussion points.”

She continued: “In the current climate, we’re all noticing wildlife around us and Animal Kind is really all about that – it’s encouraging children to help the animals they meet in their own lives.

“We also have a dedicated Facebook page where parents can post their children’s work where we can respond with feedback.”

Founded in 1977, Animal Aid is a ‘not-for-profit’ Limited Company run by a voluntary Council of Management at its headquarters in Bradford Street.

BBC’s Michaela Strachan hosts part of the online learning. Pictures: Animal Aid