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New border checks delay again at Dover and Folkestone

Fingerprinting and facial recognition checks set to be introduced at the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel in Folkestone have been delayed.

The EU is expected to delay introducing new biometric checks in Dover amid fears it could affect travel to next year’s summer Olympics in Paris, The Guardian has reported.

It was originally meant to be introduced in 2022, but it was pushed back to May 2023 and has now been delayed again. The expected moved will be discussed in June by the EU.

This follows after the Transport Delays in the Easter Holiday where motorist were stuck in heavy traffic for hours due to passport checks, many blamed Brexit as the French government have to check and stamp passports manually.

This didn’t happen before Brexit as Brits could just show the passports and go on their journey.

Chief executive of Port of Dover, Doug Bannister told The Guardian “a repeat or escalation of the congestion at Easter would be unacceptable”.

The government also agreed that post-Brexit played a part in the delays.

People on twitter shared their frustration stuck in heavy traffic:

With the new proposals, passengers from non-EU countries will have to give four fingerprints and have a photo taken of themselves in front of an officer which will cause further delays.