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Biggest gender pay gap in Kent revealed

Canterbury has a higher difference in weekly earnings between men and women than the national average for full-time workers, according to the latest figures.

Statistics for 2023 released by Kent Analytics, which is run by the county council, show that Canterbury has an average difference of men earning £294.70 more a week on average than women. In Britain as a whole, men earn £99.50 more per week.

Graph showing the 2023 difference in weekly earnings across areas of the South East for full-time workers.

In the figures released in January, it stated that the difference between men and women’s full-time weekly earnings in Kent dropped between 2002 and 2021. Men were earning 23.2% more than women in 2002 compared to 19.3% more in 2021. However, in 2023, the gap had increased again with men earning 21% more than women.

Weekly earnings compared in the South East and Britain for full time workers.

The only area in the South East where women were found to earn more than men was in Thanet where, on average, women in full-time work earned £20.60 more a week than men in full-time work.

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