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New butterfly mural comes to Canterbury

A new mural is being painted in Canterbury which is set to showcase two endangered insect species.  

It will be located on the side of the Ocakbasi of Kent building opposite Westgate Towers and will feature the rare white-spotted sable moth and the heath fritillary butterfly.  

Kent Magnificent Moths’ Conservation Officer, Rebecca Levey, said: “Eighty percent of species have declined in the UK since 1970, mostly because of habitat loss but also because of climate change and pesticides.

“It’ll raise awareness of the species so that in June when they’re flying around Blean Wood, people can get the bus up and help us to look for them and appreciate them and encourage more people who are in woodland to manage their habitats in a way which benefits the species.

“You might come across them in your garden, so it’s worth keeping a lookout in the Canterbury area.”

Kent’s Magnificent Moths project was launched by Butterfly Conservation and aims to safeguard the UK’s rarest moths and butterflies by creating and improving habitats.

The mural design was created by endangered species street artist, Mark Anthony, who is known as ATMstreetart.

He said: “I enjoy creating murals, I love doing it. The conservation organisation asked me because they like my work.”

Mark has previously designed and painted a bison mural at the University of Kent.

The mural celebrated the four bison which were released in West Blean and Thornden Woods.