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Facebook group raises over £2000 for Catching Lives Christmas appeal

Every year Facebook group, The Canterbury Residents with 56,000 members raises money to help local homeless charity: Catching Lives.

Edd Withers, the Canterbury Residents admin has set this Christmas appeal.

This is to set up to provide shelter and food for the coldest months of the year.

Catching lives is a charity designed to help the homeless and anyone in housing related issues in East Kent.

The Canterbury centre that’s open 7 days a week provides physical means of assistant including meals, washing and support with also practical and emotional support including housing assistance.

Every year the Centre in Canterbury releases a Christmas appeal video.


The group has raised ‘tens of thousands’ of pounds for Catching Lives since starting this appeal in 2015.

The money raises funds for the Winter Shelter which is crucial in providing “warmth, food and support during the coldest months of the year.”

The Canterbury Winter Shelter runs from the 1st of December to the 28th of February.


The true spirit of Canterbury is one of kindness and caring

With the target on its just giving £4000, so far just over half has been reached in around a month which may be explained by the current financial climate.

The Canterbury Residents Group Catching Lives Christmas appeal:

We all must ensure the most vulnerable members of society can access support.

At the end of the Summer, Kent’s Porchlight charity predicted a possible surge in the number of homeless or people at risk of becoming homeless.

Chris Thomas communications chief said:

“It’s becoming really difficult to help everyone we need to and what we are seeing is rents are being pushed up, landlords are selling up and there’s a lot of people in Kent that just can’t afford to live any more.

“We’re sort of looking down the barrel of a homelessness crisis.”

The situation escalating in Kent differs from the rest of the UK where national homelessness rates have decreased.

Featured image: Edd Withers