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Are we bored of Christmas?

This past decade has been interesting, mainly around the time of Christmas.

While in 2012, Christmas would usually be filled with excitement and cheer, and. families enjoying themselves at this “magical time of year”, now, it is a lot more common for people to actively avoid spending time with others, or not put their decorations up, and immediately forgetting the day, after they open their gifts.

Yet this year, the main opinion is that the cost of living crisis is why we are not able to enjoy Christmas to its fullest, and that we cannot afford gifts.

But why would gifts being too expensive be the main killjoy of what should be a family event, where the old tradition is that we spend time together and spread joy through laughter and cheer?

And why has Christmas been less cared for in the nine years leading up to this Christmas, if we were able to afford gifts just fine in these previous years?

It feels more as though Christmas is becoming less enjoyable, because we are growing tired of it instead.

Covid-19 could be seen as a factor for 2020 not being as enjoyable, but even then, this is still only two years where we could use an excuse to explain why we do not feel any joy for this event.

People seem more hesitant to plan family events now, with less care for how Christmas day is spent, instead opting for more quiet options.

The thought of Christmas itself as a word has become less exciting as well, feeling less like a once-a-year event and more like a normal day with the exception of closed shops.

It feels safer to say Christmas is becoming stale and feels more like a simply day off of work, it still has the benefit of being a public holiday, but it lacks the feeling of a holiday.

I just can’t help but feel like it’s original meaning has been scrubbed away too, especially with the addition of presents and gifts being the only topic of which people speak about when discussing the holiday.

It also seems very rare to hear any new Christmas songs on the radio as well, with the same old rotation, this may also be a reason we are quick to dismiss the holiday.

once you hear a song multiple times for many years in a row, it starts to become stale, and one of the many things we associate with Christmas is the music.

Overall, i think its safe to say that Christmas itself has become a exhausting event, but its not the fault of the holiday itself, but rather us growing tired of what comes combined with it, commercialism, and the same playlist we’ve heard for nearly 20 years.

Feature image source: Freepik Christmas illustrations for free.