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Canterbury students make a stand against sexual assault

Canterbury students have come together to show their support for the anti-rape campaign ‘Reclaim the Night’.

Nearly 100 Students from Canterbury Christ Church and the University of Kent took to the streets of Canterbury on Sunday November 25 in a protest to raise awareness and show solidarity for the survivors of sexual assault and rape.

Protestors walked the streets of Canterbury in union chanting: “Say it loud, say it clear, we believe survivors here” and “stop the violence stop the rape” as punters cheered them on.

The march started at Westgate Hall, continuing through the town Centre and ended on the steps of the Marlowe theatre.

Katia Baudon, the founder of ‘Respect the no’ at the University of Kent organised the march alongside co-founder Lily Dedman after a successful turn out in 2017.

“We aim to show survivors that they have support out there, I’ve found by speaking to these victims that people still feel very alone”.

Lily added: “Were trying to teach people what consent is and how to ask for consent but were also trying to help victims of assault and rape and hopefully we can change the culture surrounding it, not only at University but hopefully Nationally too”.

With only 4% of rape cases going to court, sexual violence charity ‘Rape Crisis’ are saying that the justice system is: “failing victims and survivors of rape”.

They hope that the march can encourage people to speak out and find help in sharing their story.