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Community craft on the path

Residents of Park Farm in Ashford have been spreading cheer during lockdown by leaving crafts along community pathways.

Anonymous members of the community have been coming up with new ways to reach each other during this uncertain and trying time of social distancing. There have been many home-made crafts decorating the pathways for residents to enjoy on their daily exercise.

Painted pebbles, Hamma bead baubles, painted tea-light jars, colourful pinecones and chalked pavements have been spotted all around the area and some have taken to the local Facebook resident’s group to share the joyful sights.

Here are some of the painted pebbles that residents have found dotted around Park Farm:



One resident said: “It brightens up the days. Love seeing all the lovely ideas on our walk.”

This isn’t the first time that a Kent community have experimented with pebble art-work. Art created with painted stones, featured on a huge scale at Folkestone beach last year when over 48,000 pebbles were decorated by local community groups to make the ‘Lasting Memories’ art project.

The display commemorated 100 years of ‘peace’ since the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, shown below:



Some are finding it difficult to find resources to create their own crafts to partake in the new isolation art project. One Ashford resident noted her frustration at being unable to find smooth pebbles to paint but others leapt to her aid.

“I’ve got a bag of white pebbles that I’ll leave at my front door” a community member offered, whilst another suggested branching out: “was going to suggest wood branches if you couldn’t find any pebbles”.


Has your community got involved in any pavement crafts?

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