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Convicted drug dealer ordered to pay back almost half a million pounds.

By Jasmine Rosser

A convicted drug dealer has been ordered to pay back almost half a million pounds for supplying a large amount of cocaine throughout Kent.

Tony Kolicaj, 36, Whitley Road, Hoddeson was jailed for ten years in December, 2015 for his role in an organised crime group.

Kolicaj was one of twelve offenders who were convicted following an investigation led by the Kent and Essex serious Crime Directorate. Officers seized more than 4 kilograms of class A drugs as well as cash that totalled over hundreds and thousands of pounds.

Tony Kolicaj appeared before Maidstone Crown Court and pleaded guilty to supplying cocaine between 2 September 2014, and 20 November, 2014.

it was ordered that Kolicaj has to pay back the value of his current available assets, which were valued at £490,399.  He has three months to pay it back, or he will receive an additional four and a half years on top of his current sentence, even then he will still need to pay the money back.

Detective Inspector Annie Clayton, of Kent Police’s Serious Economic Crime Unit said: ‘This successful application under the Proceeds of Crime Act effectively means neither Kolicaj nor Dinnage will be able to profit from their crimes.

‘The supply and use of drugs can have devastating consequences within our communities and it is therefore really pleasing the courts are now able to seize back the vast sums of money these two have accrued from their criminal activities. Some of this money can be used to help improve the service we give to the people of Kent.’