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Has the care sector got enough PPE?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is what all keyworkers need to be able to minimise the risk of them catching Covid-19. Masks, gloves, aprons and visors are what is being shipped worldwide to ensure that all of those on the front line are protected.

The coronavirus pandemic has left most keyworkers without PPE for weeks, and considering at this time they need it now more than ever.

Many working in the care sector have received the PPE they need, but for some, it’s a constant battle on the phone to try and get some gloves.

What is PPE and who should wear it?

If anyone is working in close contact with a patient, who may or may not have the virus they need to make sure they’re wearing PPE. Even if they feel like they’re safe and the ones they care for aren’t showing any symptoms they could still have the virus.

Staff working in care homes, hospitals, chemists, doctor surgeries, hospitals, factories and many more must have PPE.

Personal protective equipment is to protect its users against any harm that could come to them when a deadly virus is sweeping the nation and most care workers have to work close to their patients to ensure their safety.

With Government guidelines of staying 2 metres apart, it makes it impossible to be able to abide by them.


But is there enough?

Well over the past few weeks, there has been the news that millions of PPE equipment were being shipped to all keyworkers.
In an interview with the Guardian, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock spoke about PPE shortages in regard to the tragic news of a son of a doctor who died, and Intisar is still waiting for an apology due to PPE shortages.

What do care workers feel about the lack of PPE?
Within the care sector, there have been concerns as to whether they’ve received the PPE they need. Speaking with a carer, Violet Ann Saunders, from Dover who has been a carer for over 30 years said: ”PPE is very low, we’re constantly on the phone. We have always come at the bottom of the pile we have never been listened to according to people all we do is change bums no we do a hell of a lot more than that.
You just get fed up with it and it becomes biased. We do a good job like the NHS nurses, I’m in a nursing home and I do as much with the clients as some of the nurses do in hospitals. Carers always come to the bottom of the pile. I work with challenging behaviour dementia patients so I cannot even do 2 m distance in this coronavirus because we get hit kicked punched everything.”
On the other hand carer Tracie Birchenough, from Dover had nothing but praise for the amount of PPE she has received. ”To be honest, I’ve only got good things to say about it, as we are a private company we supply these ourself but the government has supplied us with whatever I’ve asked for, the government has given us extra funds to help support us in this crisis.”
From today we’re temporarily scrapping VAT on essential personal protective equipment (#PPE) during #COVID19.

This will help save more than £100 million for care homes, businesses and individuals dealing with the #coronavirus outbreak.

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