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EastEnders fans take to Twitter

By Ellie Vasey

EastEnders is well known for their crazy story lines which they have been producing for years.

But have they hit an all time low with their 2017 drama so far.


Here are some of the best twitter reactions to the drama:

Lifting a double decker bus

Fans were all waiting for the January disaster event to hit their screens.

But when Max Branning lead the rest of the cast to lift a double decker bus many viewers were left unsure…

Sudden recovery after being trapped under a bus

You’re trapped under a bus but a few hours later you’re feeling hungry…

Kissing your husbands dad while you’re on your ‘death bed’

Danny Dyer might be irresistible to many but kissing him on your ‘death bed’ really…

Dramatically jumping from the bus

School kids were seen dramatically jumping from a top window… all along a ladder was right there.

Taking a swim in your wedding dress and drowning

Ronnie Mitchell jumped in the water after her sister and died… but a double decker crash through the market killed no one…

Phil and Denise’s baby

Viewers were more shocked about Phil holding his son than they were about Denise giving him up for adoption.