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Canterbury’s Chocolate Café: “We don’t worry about big dessert chains.”

By Ellie Vasey

The Chocolate café is an independent café bar located a stones throw away from the Canterbury Cathedral.

Serving tea or coffee, chocolate products and wine, whatever you fancy the Chocolate Café can provide.

The Chocolate Café is located on Guildhall Street in Canterbury.

With more big desserts companies coming to Canterbury the Chocolate Café appears to have some heavy competition.

However, Tijana Micunovic general manager at of the café said: “We don’t actually worry about them.

“In terms of what we can offer that they might not be able to, the Chocolate Café is the perfect place for everyone.

“Mums come in with their toddlers, while the more elderly bunch sit and have a cream tea.

“By the evening, we are full of students, both cramming for their latest exam, or enjoying a quick sugar boost!

“Then you have the 25+ age group who come in for a glass of wine and some olives later on.”

Canterbury already has dessert place Kaspa’s located on the high street and a new Creams Café will be joining the city in February right by the Chocolate Café.

The Chocolate Café have their regular customers who enjoy going to the café bar to experience the relaxation aspect and independent feel.

As well as regulars the Chocolate Café attracts Canterbury’s visitors due to the great food and service.

Tijana Micunovic said: “So what do we offer that others don’t? We are open late, and are so versatile and friendly that everyone is welcome.

“This cannot be affected by any chain that opens up in Canterbury.

“By being an independent place, with such character, we really are not nervous about Kaspas or Creams at all!”

The Chocolate Café doesn’t just offer desserts and sweet treats.