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Emergency alert: When is it and what do I do?

The UK government is set to test its emergency alert system on Sunday, in a move aimed at ensuring the country is prepared for any potential national emergencies. The test will involve sending a text message to millions of people across the country, warning them of an impending emergency and advising them on the necessary steps to take.

The alert system is designed to quickly and efficiently communicate with citizens in the event of a major national emergency and we can expect the test to happen on Sunday 23rd April at 15:00.

The test will involve sending a message to all mobile phones across the country, warning them of an emergency situation and providing information on what to do next. The message will be marked as a test message, to avoid any unnecessary panic or confusion.

The government has stressed that the test is a routine exercise, designed to ensure that the emergency alert system is working effectively and that citizens are able to receive important information in a timely manner. The test will also allow the government to identify any potential issues or areas for improvement in the system.

When could we get a real emergency alert?

The Government have published a full report about the emergency alert system and they say that you may get an alert to warn about:

  • Severe flooding
  • Fire
  • Extreme weather
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Major Accidents
  • Natural Disasters

They also warn that these announcements to your phone can only be sent by emergency services and/or Government departments, agencies and public bodies that deal with emergencies.