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Excitement as Ashford town centre event planning begins

Planning for this year’s Ashford town centre events are underway.

Throughout the summer, The Fabric of Ashford will host several events with the grand finale on Saturday 20 August 2022.

In the Winter, Carnival of the Baubles will take place on Saturday 3 December 2022.

Ashford Borough Council have re-appointed Emergency Exit Arts (EEA)  to deliver a programme of exciting events.

EEA have been working with Ashford Borough Council since summer 2019 to deliver an array of events including The Great British Bark Off, Ashford Banners, and Carnival of the Baubles.

“We are pleased to extend our relationship with EEA,” councillor Matthew Forest, Portfolio Holder for Culture, Tourism and Leisure and councillor Nathan Iliffe, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Corporate Property, said.

“They are an impressive community events company and we know that our residents have really enjoyed attending the various events we have put on over the past few years.

“Hopefully continuously moving forwards we can all look forward to spending time out and about and visiting our Town Centre and enjoying the entertainment being arranged.”


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There is excitement ahead of this year’s set of events after last year’s success.

So thankful to be living in a town filled with hope and community. – Audience member

Last year the celebrations came back in full swing after the pandemic, and the town is hoping this year will be just as good.

“We loved helping to deliver the Fabric of Ashford and Carnival of the Baubles events last year,” Melissa Dawkins, The Craftship Enterprise CIC, said.

“Our Carnival of the Baubles workshops enabled members of the public to get involved by making their own lanterns for the parade and every workshop sold out!

“The lantern parade itself was so much fun and it brought in people from all across the borough. Our Made in Ashford shop saw a 38% increase in sales on event day and increased footfall throughout the day too.”

In previous years, the projects have reached almost 3,000 participants including 1,410 students.

They delivered around 70 workshops for school children, community groups and the general public.

The events received great support and engagement from 30 local businesses, 15 local artists and 12 community groups including some from Ashford’s refugee communities.

An estimated 16,150 people attended the town centre in summer 2021 for the footfall driving events.

Ashford Borough Council are encouraging Ashford residents to save the date and look out for details on how they can get involved via the Love Ashford Website.