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Jobless Students’ Outrage

Students are being left on the breadline because of their struggle to get employed.

Canterbury hosts thousands of students, but many have complained they are struggling to get employed due to their student status.

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Karen Durnham

Karen Durnham, key holder of Bonmarche, said. “We do actually give students jobs. The only thing is that obviously with a student you’ve got more health and safety rules there’s a flexibility issue because obviously they’re at uni when there could be times we need them at work.”

While free during winter, summer and spring breaks, term times are a busy time, which needs full commitment and can cause flexibility issues that do not please employers.

Lily Houston, 20, a Canterbury Christ Church student said. “My student loan doesn’t go very far at all, it probably lasts me about a month, if that. I tried to find a job in September, I even got my parents to drop in CV’s when they’re visiting Canterbury before I moved to university and I’ve been to several different job interviews and was successful.”

In some cases students have to depend on their parents to fund their studies. Emily Hodges, 19, said.”I’m fortunate enough to have my parents aid me with my dance college funds. Being a student means I have a busy timetable including my travel which means I don’t have any free time to work and earn my own money. If I didn’t have any help from my parents I wouldn’t be at university.”

New research done by The Guardian shows, the number of working students stands at 59%.

Students’ dependence on loans has also risen, with 69%.

A quarter also admit to regularly dipping into – or being permanently in – their overdraft.

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Helen Kirk, Communications and Development Manager said. “In the student survey, fill us in, employability was among the top concerns of students, and that has grown since last year, and that is something we are working with the university to sort out.”


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