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Police warn public on drink driving this weekend

Police are warning public on drink driving before the hottest weekend of the year.

With statistics showing that drink driving is decreasing over the years, police want to continue to warn drivers on how unsafe driving over the limit can be. With the hottest weekend of the year coming up police want to ensure that all drivers think before they get in a vehicle after consuming alcohol.

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Sam Pearson from the Kent Police roads policing unit said: “Our message all year round is that it is not safe to get behind the wheel of a vehicle when you have had alcohol. It puts many people at risk; the driver, other motorists and pedestrians as well. Many police officers will have attended fatal collisions on the county’s roads during their careers, which have been attributed to alcohol consumption. They are tragic and unnecessary losses, and we will continue to educate and enforce drink drive laws to prevent such incidents.”

Tom Harman, 21, Hersden, was involved in a bike accident around 5 years ago after being hit by a drunk lorry driver he said: “I think drink driving is extremely dangerous, 4-5 years ago I was involved in a bike accident due to being hit by a drunk man in his lorry. If my passenger and me had not been wearing our leathers or helmet then we could have been seriously hurt. I was lucky to have only left the accident with scarred legs, thankfully my passenger was left unharmed.”

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