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7 Of The Latest 2018 Makeup Fads That You Should Know


  1. The ‘less is more’ contouring look

Despite contouring making it big in the makeup industry 2015, it has been around since the 16th century. Contouring began by lightly shaping your face, however, 2015 brought us the Kim Kardashian epidemic of heavily, obvious and over shaped faces. 2018 finally said goodbye to the Kim K trend and said hello to the less is more era. Gone are the days when people were forced to shape their noses with perfect precision.

“depending on the look I’m going for and the hairstyle i have at the time, I can use the ‘less is more’ contouring look to give myself a more natural yet enhanced appearance. It’s a good trick for things like first dates or family events, but, i prefer a slightly harsher look for things like clubbing”

— Chloe butcher, Makeup Artist

  1. Lip gloss

Oh how we have missed the 00’s era of perfectly glossed lips. Over the years lips have seen a large change. From lip gloss to bullet lipsticks to liquid lipsticks and lest we forget our lip contouring queen Kylie Jenner breaking the internet with her contoured kissers. 2018 is seeing a huge rise in natural makeup and gloss is definitely one of the best comebacks

“I use a lipgloss every now and then,  if I have quite a glam look then ill use a nude lipgloss to balance it all out so its not overpowering, overall lipgloss is great, just not when your hair gets stuck in it”

— Chloe Butcher, Makeup Artist

  1. Highlighter

Wow, less is definitely not the case for this trend. Perfectly placed highlighter has made an appearance this year and its blinding us all (in an awesome way)

Gone are the days when oily faces were frowned upon, now cream highlighters are forcing their way to the top by giving you that perfect, naturally oily face. Not only does it do that – it gives you wicked cheekbones!

“The over the top highlighter is another thing i struggle with as a makeup artist as i get asked to do it all the time for clients as they show me an Instagram picture that has been edited to within an inch of it’s life. I have no problem with it as such and i love a nice glow but some pictures people show me isn’t achievable, however, i absolutely love the natural glow”

— Scarlett Jones, MUA Makeup Artist

  1. Coloured eye shadows

Back in 2015, everyone loved a good full on smoky eye. Sadly, those days are long gone because coloured eye shadows are al in! Nothing makes a statement like a beautiful yellow or orange. The boring dark colours are gone so dash them in the trash and pick out an out there summer shade.

“I’m in love with coloured eye shadows. I feel like, depending on the persons eye, it can really make their eyes pop. For example, red/pink make green eyes really stand out. I just feel bright and colourful eyeshadow is a great way of expressing yourself”

— Chloe Butcher, Makeup Artist.

  1. Long, luscious lashes

Okay, so everyone loves long eyelashes but this year we’ve taken it a step further. With fake eyelashes being totally in this year, your eyes will pop and make the guys drop. Natural mascara can also do the trick but remember not to go overboard, no one likes spiders on their eyes.

  1. Bright lips

Like eye shadow, lips have made a statement and moved to the bright side. Not only is lip gloss making a turn around, bright lips are making a stand for women empowerment. So get rid of your browns and nudes and wear a bright red or orange, you won’t regret it.


  1. The natural face

Yes, everyone wants beautiful, natural glowing skin and that’s why the natural look is always in! Instead of opting for a heavy ‘cakey’ foundation, use moisturisers, primers and light foundations to really give your skin the dewy natural look. Nothing says wow like natural, moisturised skin.

“I am a massive fan of the natural look, although i rarely use a CC cream as i have Mac face and body in my kit which gives a light coverage for photos in day to day life. A natural look is just as bold as a more made up look now, as long as its done correctly, it looks amazing”

–Scarlett Jones, MUA Makeup Artist