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Upcoming Film ‘I feel pretty’ Slammed For Damaging Girls Self Confidence

With low self-esteem problems on the rise and the need for counselling and therapy increasing, ‘I feel Pretty’ couldn’t have come at a more controversial time.

‘I feel Pretty’ starring Amy Schumer portrays an average woman, unhappy with her looks, who has an accident and wakes up in love with her appearance.

As image is so important to teens now days due to social media, some are saying that the film gives young teenage girls a negative outlook on appearance.


Canterbury Christ Church University’s Feminist Society said: ”


Self esteem is a large issue that is growing to be more and more prominent.According to the Dove Global Girls Beauty and Confidence report, carried out in 2017, 61% of 10-17 year old girls have low self-esteem.

Schumer is meant to be a positive role model to young women


The Women in Film and The Fawcett Society refused to give a comment.


Phillippa Grace Artus, Lifestyle Blogger, said:

“Looks quite controversial. but I think they knew this would be the case.

“Why does it take something to happen to make you love yourself more, if someone finds a new love for themselves then that can only be a good thing”

Despite having many negative reviews, some opinions have been extremely positive and believe it aids youth self-esteem and empowering the female community.


Amanda Santino, an aspiring film critique said:

“This is the most self depreciating film I’ve ever seen in my life and it completely misses the mark.

“I did not feel empowered whatsoever, instead i was in a state of self loathing for most of the film”