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Local Elections: Voters unconvinced about Sir Keir Starmer

Upsets across the south east have occurred during the local elections as councils such as Canterbury, Thanet and Folkestone & Hythe have fallen from Tory leadership.

As the results are released many Twitter goers have taken to voicing their opinions about Labour and Sir Kier Starmer in the wake of the startling results.

Many are celebrating the Labour wins but are not convinced about Sir Kier’s leadership.

However, some have expressed their disbelief that Sir Kier and Labour have had as many wins that they have in the local elections.

Some are even coming to say that Sir Kier is “delusional” at how he’s winning so far.

Most of the tweets surrounding Labour and Sir Kier’s win highlight how they didn’t vote for their manifesto nor Sir Kier himself, but to get the Conservatives out of power.

Featured image: Unsplash