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Man charged following police chase through Sittingbourne

Residents of Sittingbourne witnessed an unexpected trail of events on Tuesday.

A dramatic police chase saw a man on the run from Kent Police who was believed to be a ‘suspected absconded prisoner’ who had allegedly fled prison.

At 1.55pm that Tuesday near Stock-bury Roundabout, the man who was driving a van on the A249 was reported to have failed to stop for Kent Police officers.

After 10 minutes, the police were able to get control of the vehicle.

Further enquiries have led to 22-year-old William Adams being charged for dangerous driving, no licence and no insurance.

The suspect vehicle hit a car belonging to a member of the public near the Key Street roundabout on the A2 road in Sittingbourne.

Police closed off the road near the roundabout at the A2 following this incident.

He was later charged with being unlawfully at large, alleging that he absconded from a prison in Surrey on 14 July earlier this year.

He is remanded in custody to attend Medway Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 25 November.