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‘Amazon Crime’ – Extinction Rebellion protests outside Dartford warehouse

At around 4 am today, Extinction Rebellion protestors blockaded an Amazon warehouse in Dartford in an attempt to halt deliveries across the South East on one of the busiest commercial days of the year – Black Friday.

They have also targeted 12 other Amazon depots across the country and have said that they are aiming to stay for 48 hours.

Extinction Rebellion have released tweets about their reasons for staging the protest on Black Friday, the comment: “Did you know? #Amazon’s #climate damaging carbon emissions are more than a medium-sized country! And growing by 19% every year! This must change or our planet will become uninhabitable. Infinite growth is impossible on a finite planet.”

More than 20 protestors have blocked two entrances with bamboo structures and banners with the slogans “Amazon Crime”, “Black Friday exploits people & planet” and “Infinite growth, finite planet”.

By 9am, the traffic was free flowing and a police presence could be seen.

In a YouTube livestream, the protestors are seen outside European, UK and US warehouses collectively.

Source: Extinction Rebellion YouTube

Hours after the protest drew public attention, people flocked to social media to express their opinions.


The Kent Police have issued a statement saying that they are on scene and dealing with the protest activities.




Dartford Amazon depot feature picture source: Denise Laura Baker