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National Bike Month returns to Canterbury

National Bike Month returns to Canterbury and kicks off with Pilgrims Hospice’s annual Cycle Challenge. From your curry, to your neighbour and even Boris Johnson – everyone rides a bicycle.

The campaign is nationally celebrated, showcasing all of the benefits that bicycling has to offer.

Bike Month’s major national event that the organisers are trying to push is ‘Bike to Work Week’ (BTWW) coming up from May 13. BTWW’s plan is that you ditch the car for a week to see if you can which will get millions of cars off the road.

Kent’s biggest charity cycle event celebrates 10 years

Sponsors, The League of Bicyclists, say: “Established in 1956, National Bike Month is a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling — and encourage more folks to give biking a try.

“Each year the number and diversity of Bike Month celebrations continues to grow, accelerating the momentum around bicycling.”

The League has seen an increase of on average, 46% in the amount of people commuting by bike during Bike Month since 2005.

Moving forward, as it is National Bike Month, residents have called on the council to provide more.

Michael Seymour, Canterbury resident and avid cyclist said: “Canterbury could do with actual cages or lockers with a money/key system, you can’t just lock our cycles up in the street.

“We need more pedestrianised zones with cycle lanes, but I suppose the council wouldn’t do that due to a loss of parking Revenue”

Some residents don’t know the law though as one resident tried to convince The Canterbury Hub: “All you need to know is road and traffic rules that apply to motorised vehicles do not matter to cyclists and the cycle lane is the pavement.”

Kent County Council tells cyclists to: “Follow the highway code and to obey normal road laws.”

Local cycle group said: “Now in its 10th year, National Bike Month could be called International Bike Month.”

Credit: European Cyclists’ Federation