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Derelict building ablaze on Northfleet High Street

A massive blaze broke out on Northfleet High Street yesterday on a derelict building near Factory Road.

The inferno was first reported just after 15:00 and received a final update at 22:45. No one has been reported as hurt or killed, and firefighters have remained uninjured.

Eight fire engines were originally sent out along with a bulk water carrier. Crews were wearing breathing apparatus and working to extinguish the flames.

The street had to be closed to allow the emergency services space to work, causing issues for local businesses and people living close by.


Hot Rod Diner, which faces opposite, announced via Facebook that they were closed for the evening whilst the situation was being dealt with.

The property in question was the former Portlands club building, which is large but detached from any other structures.

The building once hosted an array of events such as meetings and the local scouts club.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service warned nearby residents to close windows and doors to stop smoke from entering their homes and advised people to keep away from the scene.

The blaze was still being fought over 6 hours later, although firefighters had mitigated most of the flames allowing the window and door advice to be lifted.

Northfleet’s High Street has now been reopened but the cause has not yet been identified.


Featured Image Credit: Kent Fire & Rescue Service Twitter